3rd Party Change - Judo Pay 05/28/2019 12:01AM UTC - 05/28/2019 07:00AM UTC

3rd Party Payments - Judopay

Maintenance details

We have been notified by Judopay with regards to the below and whilst we don’t expect any issues with the Autocab systems the below is for reference.

We are moving to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as part of our continued focus to support our merchants’ growing payment volumes and utilise globally available infrastructure to better serve international needs. we are making the final changes as part of our transition to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the early hours of Tuesday 28 May and that from this point anyone whitelisting based on our previous IP address will not be able to transact. If you don't make use of whitelisting and don't have any IP restrictions in place you don't need to make any changes and can safely ignore.

If you have whitelisted the Judopay IP address to send and receive payments (including via webhooks) the IP address needs to be updated as follows. Note that these IPs should be added to the existing IPs rather than replaced:
- Calls to Judopay APIs need to go to new IP address
- Incoming webhook traffic will be served by new IP address

If you experience any issues during this 3rd party change we recommend you call the Service Desk who will investigate the issue.

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Incident and Problem Management.