3rd Party - PayPal Ref# 32591 resolved, 06/13/2018 08:29AM UTC 3rd Party Network Services

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06/13/2018 08:29AM UTC
The PayPal outage has now been resolved. This outage was a result of the devices receiving a Blank Authorisation / Authentication Token. This is the reason for previous outages too. The issue is on PayPals side as the Token can only be generated by them. We are working with them to come up with a resolution to prevent future outages.
06/12/2018 05:25PM UTC

We have received reports of an issue with PayPal in that after upgrades on Payment devices there problems making connections which is impacting payment services. We have raised a Problem Record for monitoring purposes with an update to this status planned AM 13th June.

In the event you are impacted, please contact our Service Desk quoting the above reference:-

E-mail - service.desk@autocab.com
Portal - support.autocab.com

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