iOS App does not follow one or more of the App Store Review Guidelines Issue identified, 02/12/2019 02:08PM UTC API

Notification history

02/12/2019 02:08PM UTC
We are aware that your iOS App may have been removed from the Apple Stores.

We are currently working on rebuilding your app for you to submit to the Apple store.

Please be aware this is a Beta version that is being released 2 weeks earlier than scheduled due to Apple making changes to their App guidelines. We are among a great number of App developers affected.

Your existing app users will not be affected, only those new users who wish to download the app (as it wont be in the app store)

02/12/2019 09:46AM UTC
Some of you may have received an email to say your app has been removed from the App store. Please be aware this is going to affect new downloads only. Any customers with the app already downloaded will be able to carry on using it.